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Home and Kitchen Guide

Happy holidays, folks! This year we’ve moved into our first home in San Diego and while we had a bunch of stuff and life established in Cape Town…it’s all in storage back in South Africa.

So, we’ve been starting from scratch and making our house a home. For this gift guide, I’ve included a number of things we use around our house and absolutely love and would make wonderful gifts.

No matter if you’ve just moved in or are looking for things to automate your house or make it cozier, I’ve rounded up some of the best home and kitchen gifts for this year.

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate home and kitchen gift guide!

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Copper Watering Can + Mister


This is such a lovely gift for a gardener and those that love greenery! This polished copper watering can is such a classic style and makes a wonderful gift set.

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Olive Tree

Metal Pot

Complete with moss and soil, this olive tree prefers to be in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

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Almond Cow “Milk” Maker

I purchased my Almond Cow last year to cut down on waste in my house (all that waste and plastic used in milk packaging)—and it’s been a huge saving grace during this time—but it’s a fantastic product for those that are into alternative milks.

You can use any nut, seed, or grain to make homemade plant-based milk — it makes 5-6 cups of fresh milk at the touch of a button and with no icky preservatives, chemicals or waste!

Use discount code ‘KIERSTEN’ for $15 off an Almond Cow.

Accent Chair

Threshold with Studio McGee

An accent chair is such a sweet touch—and imagine this one layered with a lovely throw blanket!

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Pour-Over Coffee Maker


This pour-over coffee maker is perfect for brewing flavorful coffee. And I think the polished wood collar looks pretty cute. When we first moved into our house and didn’t have any vases, this was momentarily used as a vase for fresh flowers. 😉

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I just got this and made cornbread—and it turned out so cute!!

Want to complete the look? Snag these Honey Bee Cookie Stamps for her, too!

Le Creuset

Enameled Cast Iron Pan

To be perfectly honest, anything by Le Creuset would make a fabulous gift as they are pieces meant to last a lifetime and they’re pretty darn beautiful, too.

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Finlay Mug Set

How darling is this speckled mug? I love that it’s a set of four, and if you want to complete the look they have plates and bowls, too!

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Le Creuset Cast-Iron Dutch Oven


Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Onyx Tray


Crafted from onyx, this is the perfect serving tray for all sorts of charcuterie boards, or for styling a vase and an assortment of candles.

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Solid Herringbone Throw Blanket


Available in a soft denim chambray hue, camel, and a rusty red, this super-soft throw is the perfect accent for a couch or a bed!

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The Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop is one of my favorite pieces of technology in our house! It’s a bit of a pricey gift, but it is so worth it.

If you can have someone else vacuum and mop your floors every day — what’s not to love?

Click here for more info on the Roborock and my honest review of all our Smart Home gadgets!

Stasher Bags

They are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Such a great gift for those that are trying to be more eco-friendly…or just a lovely gift in general! And they come in so many fun colorways!

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Handwriting Pie Plate

Pass down a family recipe with this handwritten pie plate! Honor the baker in your family by sending this Etsy artist a photo of your recipe and they will transfer the recipe into the dish, glaze it, and make it food safe!

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Echo Dot

This is a speaker, alarm clock, a way to check the news, weather, and control other devices within your home. It does it all. 🙂

Read my review about the Echo Dot and the rest of my Smart Home gadgets here!

Live Edge Walnut Board

Farmhouse Pottery

This cutting board is available in a couple different sizes…and they’re all stunning! Perfect for presentation or preparing your meal.

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What home or kitchen gifts are you eying this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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