The Secret’s Out: Microtel Boracay is the perfect destination for any celebration

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Looking for the perfect location for any celebration? Everyone’s favorite island destination has been back in business this year, and more tourists are visiting. If you think you’ve seen it all on the island, Celebrity Couple Vin Abrenica & Sophie Albert, along with their daughter Avianna and Social Media Influencers Acushla Obusan and Annika Yanez, are about to surprise you.

Microtel Boracay - Beach Front
Microtel Boracay – Beach Front

Privately situated in Diniwid Beach, North of Station 1, Vin, Sophie, Avianna, Acushla, and Annika enjoyed a private premium stay at an affordable price with Microtel Boracay.

Microtel Boracay guarantees the perfect location for any agenda, whether for a staycation or celebrating birthdays. Apart from receiving unique shell-necklaces made by locals upon arrival, here are the top things Microtel Boracay can do to make your stay extra special:

Sophie and Avianna
Sophie and Avianna

To celebrate Avianna’s first birthday, Microtel Boracay did not miss out on making this family milestone one they will never forget.  From surprising the family with welcome drinks to gifting the birthday girl her very own sand-castle-making kit, Microtel Boracay made it all possible! They even made it a point to provide a crib for Avianna during her stay for a more comfortable and safe sleep which parents will definitely appreciate.

Vin shares in their vlog that he loves the beachfront as it feels private, and there are few people apart from the locals. “That’s what I like about this place. Although it’s, in the end, part of Station 1, it’s so quiet. If gusto mo nang peace lang, kasama lang family mo, even if you’re with your friends. This is the place to be.” In Vin and Sophie’s vlog, they were even seen enjoying in-house games like ping pong and Pinoy pool.

Hassle-Free booking for Water Sports

Boracay is known for the plethora of water activities for groups of friends and families to enjoy during their stay. With the high demand for these, oftentimes, tourists find it difficult to book tours with the most affordable rates. Do not worry, as Microtel Boracay can assist you in booking off tours such as sunset cruises, snorkeling, helmet diving, flying fish, island hopping, and more for all staying guests. All guests have to do is say the word, and they can make it happen. Acushla and Annika, during their stay, spent a day paraw sailing and paddle boarding to unwind from all the city woes.


If you’re the type of person who prefers to stay by the shore, Microtel Boracay’s white sandy beachfront should do the job! Enjoy fresh fruit shakes or cocktail drinks from Mama’s Fish House while you get that perfect beach tan.

Diniwid Beach, where the hotel is situated, is also the best spot in Boracay for sunset watching. Views here are unlike any other and will surely get you that insta-worthy shot!  The best part is you’re away from the Boracay crowd, so expect no photobombers here!

Relaxing Room Messages

After a full day of water-sport activities, it’s time to unwind and relax. There was no need for Annika and Acushla to go far as Microtel Boracay also offers room service massages until 10PM daily.  “That was literally one of the most glorious massages I’ve ever had in my life. It was groundbreaking. They deserve an academy award”, says Acushla in her vlog.

Acushla and Annika also share that with Boracay opening up to tourists, white beaches can get overwhelming if you’re someone who wishes to experience a more relaxing, chill, and less crowded vacation in Boracay while still only being a 10-minute walk from station 1, Microtel Boracay is the best hotel to stay in at Diniwid Beach. Acushla said, “I would say I really love staying on this side of town. It’s much more low-key, and it’s always exciting to see the more local things.”

Sunset Dinners by the Beach

The surprises did not end there as Microtel Boracay arranged a lovely sunset dinner by the beach for the family to enjoy. Prepared with pink balloons and delicious meals from one of the hidden food gems on the island, Mama’s Fish House, the celebration of Avianna’s birthday was in full swing. The chef even made her a customized birthday cake to end the day with.

Microtel Boracay is the perfect partner to plan out surprises for your loved ones, couples celebrating anniversaries, or families celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. From surprise birthday pancakes, room service wine deliveries, or even decorating the room with balloons and banners, Microtel Boracay’s thoughtful staff can help you make special days even more memorable.

Acushla and Annika also personally recommend visiting Mama’s Fish House and share that the Mahi-mahi is a must-try dish apart from the House Fish and Chips. “Annika and I would drive all the way to Diniwid just to eat Mama’s Fish House seafood. So fresh and so well-cooked.” Acushla says in her vlog.

All employees of Microtel have been vaccinated and strictly implement the government-mandated health and safety protocols. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and head on to Microtel Boracay to experience a one-of-a-kind stay on your own white sandy beach. Book your reservations now at


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