The 6 Best LED Lighted Mirrors To Brighten Your Bathroom

Best LED Lighted Mirrors

In our modern lives, we seem to have an answer for everything. We have instant coffee, drive-thru services for our food and medicine so we don’t have to wait, and the ability to purchase and order any object we desire. One thing that is hard to find though is quality LED lighted mirrors.

Best LED Lighted Mirrors
Best LED Lighted Mirrors

Neutypechic changes that. With a variety of LED mirrors, coming in several different dimensions and shapes, Neutypechic is the frontrunner in quality LED mirrors for any room in your home, especially your bathroom.

1. Lilac is a favorite of Neutypechic’s customers

Lilac lighted LED mirror
Lilac lighted LED mirror

The Lilac lighted LED mirror is a great choice for anyone looking for an elegant, modern mirror for their bathroom. With an LED backlight that offers strong and even light, this mirror is made from high-quality, environmental materials, and crystal glass, preventing fogging. The Lilac LED lighted mirror brings a modern, clean feeling to any room. The Lilac comes in three sizes, 36″x28″, 32″x34″, and 32″x40″. The Lilac LED mirror is affordable at a cost of $230.

2. The Isebella is the LED mirror for mirrors lovers

Isebella Led mirror
Isebella Led mirror

An oversized, spacious mirror, the Isebella illuminates strong, shadowless light for any face care purpose. This stylish, massive room offers the best light, made from eco-friendly materials, the best quality crystal glass. With anti-distortion technology and one-touch defogging, this mirror is for anyone looking for the highest quality, expansive mirror. The Isebella Led mirror can be displayed in a bathroom vertically, or horizontally as a full-body mirror. The Isebella comes in three different dimensions: 71″x24″, 71″x27″, 71″x31″,

The Isebella is the most expensive mirror on this list at $619.99.

3. The Sarah is modern meets traditional

Sarah LED mirror
Sarah LED mirror

This sleek, polished mirror offers a brilliant light, that glows warm yellow, neutral white, or cool white from the perimeter, allowing the best light for shaving, daily care, or applying makeup. The Sarah is everything that you want from a large mirror with lights. With peak lighting, Neutypechic’s eco-friendly material, anti-distortion technology, and long-lasting material, it’s easy to see why the Sarah is an LED mirror that is often sold out. The Sarah LED mirror comes in one dimension: 40″x32″. The Sarah is slightly more expensive than most LED mirrors on this list at a cost of $339.99.

4. The Begonia reinvents the classic bathroom mirror

Begonia Led Mirror
Begonia Led Mirror

It will fill your bathroom with bright, clear light, evenly illuminated from a medium-sized frame, making it one of the most popular LED lighted mirrors available, offering the perfect light for daily care. The light comes in three different tones, from soft white to warm light. Like all Neutypechic LED mirrors, the Begonia is made from eco-friendly materials, the highest quality crystal glass, and has anti-distortion technology. The Begonia comes in two dimensions: 21″x36″ or 30″x36″, making it the perfect mirror for master bathrooms, or family bathrooms. The Begonia is perfect for anyone shopping with a budget at a cost of $199.99.

5. The Olivia is a frameless, LED mirror, that blends into any bathroom

Olivia is an affordable LED mirror
Olivia is an affordable LED mirror

Edged with an LED strip, the Olivia offers a perfect glow for your face, with adjustable brightness, and three color temperatures. Made from the highest quality crystal glass, and eco-friendly materials, the Olivia also has an anti-fogging finish, which makes maintenance a breeze, and anit-distortion technology, making this one of the best LED mirrors on the market. The Olivia comes in two dimensions; 28″x36″, or 24″x36″. The Olivia is an affordable LED mirror at a cost of $209.99.

6. The best LED lighted mirror on the market is the Lotus

Lotus LED Mirror
Lotus LED Mirror

Few other LED mirrors offer this quality of light, accurate colors, or perfect clarity. The Lotus has an option of three color temperatures, ensuring that you have the best quality of light when you start your day whether you’re applying makeup, shaving, or ending your day. At 47″x22″, the Lotus is a full-body lighted mirror that comes with rounded or squared edges and can function vertically or horizontally, and offer open possibilities. Made of the best quality crystal glass, and eco-friendly material, the Lotus is the best-LED mirror on the market. The Lotus is a best seller at a cost of $289.99.

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