Road Trip in Czech Republic

You will love your road trip to the Czech Republic if you like history and castles. Depending on your days, you can add a few cities to your itineraries, such as Marianske Lazne or Pisek. Below, we will focus on four cities, with an itinerary starting in Prague, and moving west, before heading east and ending in Jindrichuv Hradec. Let’s start the engine.

Road Trip in Czech Republic
Road Trip in Czech Republic


This city is the most magical capital of Europe. It is no surprise that it holds the largest medieval castle in the world, which kings and emperors have called home at different moments in time. Today, it is the official residence of the president of the country. It is easier to start and end your tour from there if you are flying in and renting a car. You must reserve at least two or three days to visit and explore Prague, which holds so many marvels in its bosom. From Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square, your eyes will be filled with the magic of this medieval town. Here is a list of the best hotels in Prague, to give you a head start.


Medivial square in Cheb Check Republic
Medivial square in Cheb Check Republic

Once you are done with your visit to the capital city, head west for two hours and a half road trips, and find your way to Cheb. It is one of the oldest towns in the Czech Republic. Its history covers more than a thousand years. It was first built by Slavic people, in the 9th Century, by the River Ohre, which is where you will discover the Cheb castle that you absolutely must visit. The town was also annexed to the Third Reich back in 1938, but most Germans were expelled once the war ended. However, you will still hear a few Germanic words spoken during your visit, without a doubt.


As you return on the road, start heading back east while moving south until you get to Svihov, where you can discover the Vodní hrad Svihov. It is a Gothic water castle that dates back to the 15th century. Its condition is impeccable, as it was restored back in the 1950s. We can all be grateful that it still stands today, as it was actually scheduled for demolition after the Thirty Years’ War. Try to catch a tour while you are there, so you can fully understand its history and its role in the region. The views from outside are absolutely spectacular, as well.

Jindrichuv Hradec

Time to continue southeast before heading back to Prague. In Jindrichuv Hradec, you will discover the third largest historical castle complex in the Czech Republic. Since it is close to Austria, it was strategically important, which is why they built a wooden fortress all the way back in the 10th Century. Only the castles in Prague and in Cesky Krumlov are bigger than the ones in this city. Visit the old town center (Namesti Míru), which is filled with colorful houses.

This will conclude your road trip. However, you should definitely consider spending another night in Prague before going home, if only to enjoy the best beer and pork knuckle you will ever taste.

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