Everything You Should Know About ICA Smart Services for Visitors to the UAE

Through its ICA Smart Services initiative, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship is dedicated to making traveling to and living in the UAE easier for citizens, returning residents, and visitors. Among its other services, the ICA provides necessities like registration for vaccinations and checking the status of a visa. While registering for your Emirates ID, Residential Visa issuance, and Visa validity in Dubai, you can record your arrival and departure details using the Smart Services online portal.

ICA Smart Services for Visitors to the UAE photo via Unsplash
ICA Smart Services for Visitors to the UAE photo via Unsplash

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, immigrants make up 85% of the population, many of whom are there for work. Many traveling professionals who book cheap airline tickets need a simple mechanism for registering their official documents, particularly for the Federal Authority For Identification. This service may aid in making the shift into Dubai effective and seamless, whether you are establishing a new company or moving there. Traveling to the UAE is a very simple process because of its integrated service, enabling visitors and tourists to concentrate more on making other travel plans like reserving their accommodation. For travelers visiting the UAE, the following information regarding ICA Smart Services is essential:

How Do ICA Smart Services Work?

In the UAE, ICA Smart Services provides a single platform through which people may access a wide range of services, including updating personal information, requesting visas, paying fines and fees, requesting permits, and much more. Following is a breakdown of the several categories into which the services provided to various groups of people fall:

  • UAE Visitors: The first service category is devoted to guests. These services deal with information and entrance visa administration. Using ICA Smart Services, visitors can submit visa applications, follow up on them, and get their visas.
  • UAE Citizenship Holders: Holders of UAE citizenship can utilize the ICA Smart Services website to take advantage of citizenship benefits and sponsored services. Services like Emirates ID, passport, family book, and many more helpful ones are among them.
  • The GCC Citizens: Smart Services provide GCC citizens with services related to the Emirates ID and assistance for their sponsorships.
  • Residents In the UAE: For UAE citizens living in this group, ICA Smart Services has provided a wide range of services. People can apply on the Federal Authorities for Identification and Citizen website to get a variety of simple yet useful services, such as assistance with Emirates ID, visa applications, residence assistance, and more. Additionally, they can obtain such services for their sponsor.
  • Citizens Of GCC: For citizens of GCC nations, ICA Smart Services has also offered services. These include entering visa-related services, monitoring visa applications, managing visas when they are granted, and several additional services.

How to Use ICA Smart Services in the United Arab Emirates?

You may go to the ICA Smart Services UAE official website to sign up for these services. The mobile ICA Smart Services application gives you access to the aforementioned services as well. The app is published on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Use of ICA Smart Services for Traveler Registration

Before departing from their respective countries, residents of South Africa, Sudan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka who want to go to the UAE must register on the ICA Smart Services site. The passengers are issued a QR code when registration is complete. The UAE authorities examine this code to confirm your clearance. Portal registration is not required for travelers with other kinds of visas. The same is true for those who already hold a visa on arrival, visit visa, short-term or long-term visa, 10-year UAE Golden visa, job visa, residency permit, investment visa, or partner visa, they don’t need to register.

Ethiopian nationals traveling to the UAE on resident visas are likewise exempt from the registration requirement. Tourists are not required to get ICA Smart Services clearance either. Visitors may check their entrance status by entering their country, passport type and number, Emirates ID number, and other vital information on the ICA website.

Getting an entry permit for the UAE via ICA Smart Services

Using ICA Smart Services, registering for and receiving a UAE residency entrance permit is quick and easy. Simply adhere to the instructions below:

  • Visit the ICA Smart Services website first and complete the permit request form. Give your contact information, such as your name, email address, nationality, birth date, and point of arrival.
  • You must now provide information about your passport and visa. You must input pertinent data for your passport and visa, such as the kind, number, and dates of issuance.
  • You will then enter information on your residence in the UAE. Your cellphone number, UAE address, and other information will be requested of you. At this stage, the given information is also verified.
  • Enter the information for the coronavirus test and immunization. The precise dates of your PCR test and COVID-19 vaccine must be included.
  • You need to submit a number of personal papers at this point, such as PCR test results, a colored photograph, a photocopy of your passport, a certificate proving your Covid vaccine, and more.
  • The declaration must be accepted as the second-to-last step. You are stating that all information and facts supplied are accurate and that you will abide by all laws and regulations published and put into effect by the Emirates government.
  • After providing the necessary information, wait for the ICA’s final clearance. You’ll get an email after the application has been accepted.

Utilizing ICA Smart Services to Verify a Visa’s Validity

People who are either traveling via Abu Dhabi or who are considering a trip to the Emirates must apply for a visa. Via ICA Smart Services, you may follow the progress of your visa application. You just need to submit your reference and application number. You will get these numbers from your visa service provider. By calling the ICA Smart Services helpdesk, you can also ask questions about the kinds, status, and other pertinent information pertaining to visas, including their categories, issuance, and duration.

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